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Case Western CS

Posted: 25/06/2014 in Interesting

I have been admitted to my Ph.D program CSRU-CS with a TA position. Hopefully I will be working on the areas that really matters to me really soon (strongly seems Computational Biology as intended ). On my preparations I should add getting the paper work done was a huge part of it not the whole packing and hiring anĀ apartment stuff. Anyways I am grateful for what I have and will be leaving soon for fun. I wonder reading books like PhD grind will ever help me.


I have been developing a new software for 1 month now that can effectively parse a “.vcf” file and access a database, do some calculations there and soon there will be a release about it.

In 28 February Ewan Birney visited Bilkent University. He gave us a great talk and I am happy that I could be one of the participants. In his talk there were promising news such as, in the future we expect every human’s DNA to be sequenced whatever disease they may have. This means as bioinformatics people we will have plenty of new areas found both in computer science and in medicine. I am looking forward to this new developments in the field.

Stop Learning ?

Posted: 28/06/2012 in Interesting

I searched a little bit about the great minds that we know of for the past few centuries and I realized that all the people that achieved so much and shaped our life today had one thing in common and that was that they stopped learning at a certain point and started thinking and creating. I wish I could be one of them, at least able to understand the mystery of their minds.